Google v. Louis Vuitton: The stormy Love Story
WEBMARKETING · 27. septembre 2021
The manufacturer of luxury goods Louis Vuitton 👜 leads the most searched brands on Google in no less than 47 countries around the world in 2020, far ahead of Gucci and Chanel, according to figures compiled by Money.co.uk. In 2021, LMVH enters into a strategic partnership with Google Cloud, the cloud computing division of Google to develop new solutions based on Artificial Intelligence. The love story between the two giants has not always been so rosy...

Google Adwords: What, how, and why?
WEBMARKETING · 14. septembre 2021
Google Ads is a complex “monster”, the leader of digital advertising (search and display). If you are in this industry, you know how quickly it can change, you should always stay tuned, focused on news, etc. ‍ One thing will never change... History! 🖋 For any savvy marketer or newbie...